Ways to create a happy environment at work

Our environment influences us a lot. Our environment makes a big difference in our life. A happy environment makes us happy. And when we are happy we can work better and fluently. Similarly the environment where we work should also be a happy environment. If you want to build a successful company it is important to build a happy environment. You need to have happy workers. So today, let us see the many ways in which we can create a happy environment at our work place.

Everything in an organization or a company is important, being anything physical or the workers or the shifts or the infrastructure. Firstly, it is very important to create a clean and healthy environment so that the workers remain healthy. When a worker is healthy and fit then he or she will be happy. Working in a clean environment can also build a good understanding between the workers. It is the responsibility of the boss or the team leader to choose the right workers for their company. A company may provide extra incentives to keep their workers happy. The head or the boss should always be helpful and friendly with the workers and try to maintain good relations with them. The workers should always be appreciated for their work. The company should try to gain the employees trust.

A company should celebrate all the festivals or hold parties for the workers to keep happy. The company should provide good food for the workers by creating a canteen where the workers can sit and relax and make new friends. They should be refreshments like coffee or tea to keep them fresh and going. This builds a good bond between the workers. The company should health insurance on bonus on festivals. A company can also have some relaxation programs or games during weekends or keep a keep small room where workers can relax. The worker should be allowed to wear casuals at least once a week. The boss should always take their employees feedback, whether good or bad. The boss should discuss all the issues or problems with the workers in a kind manner. There should not be any partiality with any worker. The boss should listen to their employees demands and try to provide them what is essential.

It is also a staffs responsibility to keep their environment happy not only of the company. The workers should keep good relations with other workers. The worker should keep good relations even with the boss and colleagues. The workers should work efficiently and create any sort of problems or fights at work place. The workers can even celebrate each other’s birthdays as they all work together like a family. The workers should also see that they well-organized and keep their desks organized. The workers should keep their infrastructure, clean. A worker should not his or her family matters at work. A worker should go with a fresh and a happy mood to work. The employee should help all her colleagues when in difficulties. There should not be a sense of jealousy between any two workers.

So here we end with a conclusion that the worker and the company both should make efforts to keep their environment happy. A happy environment is also a key to success. And we Indians have so many different religions and languages and festivals to share or teach others. The workers should treat each other right with equality. The workers should enjoy what they work and have fun even at their work place. A happy and healthy environment will make a company and its workers prosperous.

Dynamite Ways to Live Your Dream right Now!


Are you feeling that you are a workaholic? Like you really  getting bored from your work you keep saying to yourself, “one day, I’m shall…” and yet “that day” never seems to appear?


Dreams actually are the first target in our life because we fail to achieve that due to some past “reality”. Do you want to know how to learn a musical instrument, What do you really want? take an theatre class, make lot of money, make the best of your skill or finish a book you are been writing.


Everyone in this world have dreams, even if they seem hidden within us and we no more get to see the flame. Too frequently we permit our near failures and failures from the past to become our existing reality and it looks like that we just cannot reach our dreams. when say things or think like, “I don’t think so if this will work” or “I just cannot really do this, I kept trying but it did not work before etc. It is important to not to get these failures to obstruct with our present as well as future work.


Below are great strategies to turn your dreams into a reality!


  1. Be Transparent


The dreams that you see and think should have a vision we should be clear on what we really want? Clear dreams lead to obvious choices and Being happier” or “Make more money” are not clear requirements.


  1. Feel and know your Passion


Feelings are tougher than the mental power. It feels really good to achieve your dream? visualize yourself running a successful business, earning the money you desire, considering how your service or product helps clients, being healthy, traveling, and building relationships happ, etc. Generate the beautiful feelings that your vision triggers inside you.


  1. Step onto Your Path


It is important to follow what your heart says. Be kind and true to yourself, and often ask yourself what do you really want in life and to achieve that what you should be doing.\


  1. Whatever choice you do it should be balanced


A combination of heat and logic should be there in whatever work you do. Remember to sue your head wisely.


  1. Do Not rush


Any type of work that you begin do not rush take small baby steps as they will lead you to a long distance. they stir up opportunities and magic all along the way.


  1. Do not avoid your fears

Don’t be frightened to go where you want to go. It is vital to know, your dream and you both are larger than your fears.


  1. Mingle and Show the World


Be open, be a part of this globe. When you will “show up,” life will roll down on a red carpet of opportunities and possibilities.


  1. Retrieve Your Power

Do not blame anyone else for your problems faults and responsibility rather retrieve your power. Be strong and face all the difficulties in your life.


  1. You are yours best friend

Friends care, coach, and inspire. Enemies destabilize, detract, and set back. You should know whom can you choose and be with the entire life.


  1. Give a helping hand to others

ou can also help others in achieving their dreams. Also, it helps you to move on, motivating, thinking, making friends, grooving and having fun, this all will fundamentally improve your own probabilities of living with natural success.


  1. The maximum Secret of joy

Learn to be content and happy before your thoughts come in reality. Don’t get unhappy if you do not get things at the time you wanted. Keep faith and patience.


  1. Concentrate on important things

Don’t get fixed on insignificant details. Visualizing your dreams coming true is an vital tool for making a fresh reality. Simplify on the definitions, rules and details later you will see that life has given you loads of surprises.

The Importance of Cultural Fit in the Hiring Process


Studies have shown the fact that one of major reasons for employee turnover, loss of talent or new hire failure is due to the negligence of the employee fit based on work habits, attitudes and advance to management. Recruiting is not just about writing, finding or job descriptions candidates and satisfying seats in your company. It’s really about searching talent that has the skills, knowledge, and abilities that is KSAs that your company requires and finding talent that’s a good fit within your organization. Sometimes we’re so focused on finding candidates with the right KSAs, we forget about cultural fit.

An companys culture potrays, attitudes, the psychology, beliefs, experiences, values (both cultural and personal) of an organization. Both Organizations both non proft and profit each have their own exclusive attract andf culture and retain certain kind of people.

Before any organisation hires, it is significant that they interview for cultural fit.

However, looking for educational fit doesn’t mean appointing clones. In real, research shows that miscellaneous teams actually act better than the one that are minded ones. It’s important to be able to know a sturdy fit for your organization, even when a employees ideas and personality may be far dissimilar from your own

Is the applicant more comfortable in the passion and excitement of a start-up or a more grown-up company with an recognized brand name and customer base?

Is the applicant one that can work more with negligible supervision or, do they require to work in an office with different employees?

Does the applicant need to work daily business hours or are they flexible working in a environment where business work for 24X7?

Incase you are thinking to hire a new employee make sure that you completly understand the fundamentals of your company culture so that you can measure candidates that will fit into your exclusive environment.

Judging the right cultural fit


It is a fact that cultural fit is vital but make sure you really know what it is before knowing candidates. It’s simple to mistake cultural fit for individual biases may be because you will not mind being trapped in an airport with a applicant doesn’t really mean he or she is great fit for your company.

A candidate’s approach should not be so troublesome that it creates gap between the employees, but you should not be afraid to hire someone whose personality conflicts with your own. If you observe that a candidate would make a significant contribution to your organization while maintaining good manners, that candidate might be a educational match.

Below are 4 different ways that helps you to know whether a candidate is a good requirement for your company or no:

Differentiate between the job and the person:Your candidate is not interviewing to be your best friend; he’s interviewing to be a great provider to your company. Never lose prospects of this at the time of the interview.
Be open to ask off-the-wall questions. As long as you don’t ask prohibited questions during the interview process, it’s your prerogative to ask candidates about anything from their appreciation for soccer to their favorite foods.
Give candidates a chance to start the conversation. Each and every person have gone through interview where the interviewer has a standard 10 list of questions and treats it as a strict Q&A session between the interviewee and interviewer.

Let more than one person take the interview
It is good to have at least 2 people in the company interview each applicant. Ideally, the interviewers can organize in advance and decide which topics each will consider during the interview.

New Job Trends in India

On the world podium today, India has earned a face of a new global player as thousands of national and multinational companies use the country as a facilitator for expansion into the global economy. Companies with business presence in varied parcels are creating vast number of job opportunities, hence a potential job seeker of today if considers a career in India can be rest assure that he is on the right path.

Below list of major foreign enterprises that have adequate presence in India solidifies ones trust in India’s market furthermore:

Vodafone, Pepsi, Coca Cola, IBM, Accenture, Skoda Motors, ABN Ambro Bank, Samsung, LG, Ford Motors, British Petroleum, British Telecom, Deloitte, Oracle, Adobe, General Electricals, Lufthansa, British Airways, Google, GlaxoSmithKline, Ernst &Young Facebook and many more.

All these companies are trusting India’s strong talent base to lead their businesses.


 Current and Emerging Job Trends – 2015:

 In India, both nationals and Global MNCs are hiring  rapidly to meet their increasing demands, they also offer tons of benefits and perks to ensure that their employee leads a satisfying personal life.

In 2015, many sectors such as IT, Medical, Healthcare, Non-machinery, Manufacturing, Education, etc are all set to provide jobs to eligible job seekers. Small and medium organizations will also be offering various jobs. Healthcare is expected to provide highest number of jobs this year.


Growing sectors in 2015:

Besides Public, Nonprofit sector will offer lucrative jobs in 2015, especially those with MSW degree can eye great opportunities.   

Retails sector will also grow as the Government relaxes entry restriction of foreign players.

STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) sector will also blossom with jobs in 2015.

This strong growth that India is enjoying, prospective job seekers from almost all major sectors can look forward to get huge opportunities this year.

How to find your passion in life


There usually comes a point in every individual’s life where    they   have to decide what they want to do, what they want to be and draw out a life plan that suits them best. But a major hurdle here is knowing what to do and how to go about with it.

Finding out what you love is more difficult than it seems. It has to be something that becomes your whole reason for existence. The reason why you wake up in the morning, the reason why you do the things you do; especially if it is regarding your career.

Here are some things you can try to figure out what can become your passion in life:

  1. Find out what motivates you.

Agreed that there are many things that may act as a motivator for your decisions, but what is of utmost importance here is keeping in mind that the thing that motivates you, should not become your deterrent. Something that motivates you should be special only to you and hold special meaning. It should be something that makes you want to try harder no matter how many times you fail.


  1. Ask questions to yourself.

Do not be afraid to ask more meaningful and existential questions to yourself. Ask yourself if doing something is actually what you want to do and if you would be able to do that for the rest of your life without any hesitation. Once you are able to answer this, you will be able to not only find out your strengths, but also the weakness which can be worked upon to overcome. You know yourself best and only you will be able to answer them correctly.


  1. Check for similar patterns and themes in your answers.

When you find answers to your questions, check if there are any similarities that may point you towards what you want and what makes you truly happy. For e.g., if you enjoyed yourself doing something, and that activity is a part of your answer, try to remember how satisfied you were when you participated in the activity.


  1. Give it your best shot.

Once you find out what you feel satisfied doing, try doing it on a more regular basis. Try for internships in that particular field to better research the job. Internships will help you realize if you actually are cut out for that job or not. It will help deliver a better perspective of what you plan to do is truly your calling or if it is more of a hobby.


  1. Improve your skills.

Once you know what you want to do, get proper certifications and training in it. The more you learn about it, the better you get. Read as much as you can on it. Try to learn everything there is to it.


  1. Never give up.

You tried to do what you thought was best for you, but it didn’t turn out the way you thought it would? So what? Mike Ditka, the former American Football player, once said that, ‘You never really lose until you quit trying.’ So don’t give up just yet. If the plan didn’t work out, formulate a plan B and give it all you have. You might just start on the best journey of your life and learn more about yourself in the process.

It seems like it requires a lot of work and effort, but if this brings you closer to who you truly are, then a little hard work doesn’t seem like a pain, does it? Just be who you are and do what you love to do and that’s half the battle already won.

Hey Fresher’s…Here are some jobs for you!

fb-imgHey Fresher’s, just graduated fresh out of college and wondering what job to take up? There are so many options for you today; but making a decision on which career to take up or which industry to join can be a little difficult or can be confusing. So let me run you through the Best Job Profiles in India which are also the top paying and it can help you decide what job profile to take up. You can make a set career by joining any of these industries.

1) IT Industry: It has seen a stable growth over the years and it has become one of the top and the hottest industries in India in the current years. IT Profiles like software developer or engineer, quality assurance engineer, are considered the top by those who are looking to make a good career. There are a number of advantages by working here like good pay, job security and growth opportunities.

Salary: The average annual income of a person working in IT depends on an individual’s experience, role etc. Those who are fresher’s can earn between Rs 1.5 to 3 lakhs per annum, while a person who is at a mid level can earn Rs 3 to 7 lakhs per annum. A person who has much experience and is at a senior level can earn around Rs 6 to 12 lakhs per annum.


2) Management: Managing a business requires a lot of skill and one needs to have a good understanding of all business fundamentals and most of the top MNC’s want an MBA to work in their organization. That’s why these days there is an increase of people who want to pursue Management studies like MBA. Management has become one of the hottest job profiles in India. An MBA from a top institute like IIM can get opportunity to work in the best companies of India and can even get placed in companies abroad. They also get paid a great amount of compensation depending on the type of MBA degree they have pursued.

Salary: The average annual income of a person who has done MBA could start from Rs 12 lakhs and go up to Rs 80 lakhs per year.

3) Chartered Accountant: A Chartered Accountant is one of the most important persons in an organization. He/she has the responsibility to look after the finance of the company like maintaining the books, auditing, looking after the accounts, etc. One can earn very well in this profile as C.A’s are paid a very high compensation. However, only those who are interested in the financial domain should get into this career.

Salary: The average annual income of a Chartered Accountant starts at around Rs 6 lakhs and can go up to Rs 12 lakhs per year for the experienced individuals.

4) Medical Field: Those working in the Medical Field are always in demand due to the nature of their work. People constantly depend on them to save their lives. They include surgeons, doctors, heart specialist and many more. Since their work nature is very crucial they are paid a very high compensation. Although one can make a good and set career in this profession, it is suitable for only those people who have a passion towards serving others.

Salary: The average annual income of a person in the medical field depends on the type of profession. A doctor can earn Rs 17 lakhs per annum, general surgeons can earn around Rs 8 lakhs per annum while a general practitioner can earn around Rs 5 lakhs per annum.

5) Aviation Industry: The Aviation or Airline Industry is constantly growing everyday as many new airline companies are being opened up in India. Due to this there are ample of opportunities for working here like ground staff, pilots, maintenance engineers, flight attendants and many more. An individual working in the aviation or airlines can earn very well due to the high demand for them.

Salary: The average annual income of people in the aviation industry depends on their role. A commercial pilot can earn Rs 20 lakh per annum, while a helicopter pilot can earn Rs 18 lakh per annum and an aircraft maintenance engineer can earn around Rs 10 lakh per annum.

6) Legal Industry: The legal system is very vast and there are many types of professions. One can be a criminal lawyer or a commercial lawyer for business. Those working in the legal departments have to be well acquainted with the laws of their country and can earn very well in this field. There are many types of roles over here like lawyer, attorney, advocate and many more.

Salary: The average annual income for a person in the legal industry depends on their role. A corporate lawyer can earn up to Rs 6 lakh per annum while a senior attorney can earn up to Rs 10 lakh per annum.

7) Social Media: Social Media is growing at a breathtaking speed. More and more people are inclined to social media and depend on it not only for personal reasons but for professional reasons. The advantages of Social Media are innumerable and that is why being a part of it can benefit a person. There are various roles over here like social media manager, social media specialist, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), copywriter, etc.

Salary: The average annual income of a person working in social media will depend on their role. A social media manager can earn up to Rs 5 lakh per year while a social media specialist can earn up to Rs 4 lakh per year.

8) BPO Industry: The BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Industry is growing really fast in India as well as other countries in the world. MNC’s are continually relying upon resources from India and need them as a workforce in their associations. Many people treat a BPO job as a temporary choice just to get some fast cash in their pockets but you can make a good career by working here. There are various processes like voice, non- voice, back office and many more. The various roles in this industry are customer service executive, voice and accent coach, team leader, manager, etc. This industry is good as one can get extra incentives along with the compensation if their performance is good.

Salary: The average annual income of a person in a BPO depends on the role, qualification and process. A fresher who joins as a customer service executive can earn up to Rs 3 lakh per year while a manager can earn up to Rs 6 lakh per year.

Now that you are well versed with the best job profiles, your decision on which one to take up has just gotten easier. So now you can go ahead and make a career in the one that is not only is the best but most suits you and your educational qualifications.

5 Best tips before Interview

interview1) Information: Prior to going for an interview make sure that you do a thorough fact-finding about latest on the company. Keep in mind that if you are selected you are going to be a part of the company so you should know about the place you are going to work for. You must familiarize yourself with the latest details about the company.

2) Be Prepared: Familiarize yourself with the most prevailing questions and answers that you think might be asked by the person taking your interview. By doing so, you will be assured to give all the answers with ease.

3) Dress Right: When going for an interview it is important to look your best. Wear something that is most suitable since most companies prefer if the person is dressed in a formal look. Wear clothes that are clean and smart looking.

4) Be on Time: Time is of the utmost importance when going for an interview. You must try and be at the interview venue earlier than what is scheduled; preferably 10 minutes earlier because a person being late could send out the wrong message to the company. A company who wants to appoint you could think that you lack interest in the job.

5) Ask away: Once your interview is concluded, you may be asked if you have any questions. You should not think twice but just ask away. You can ask questions about the position that you are going to secure. In case you are not successful in the interview don’t be discouraged. You can still ask questions about the feedback on your performance which can help you be better in interviews, going ahead.

Bluestone Risk Management and Consultancy (BRM)

Welcologo-bluestoneme to a Bluestone Risk Management and Consultancy (BRM), one of the top placement agencies located in both Mumbai as well as in Bangalore, helping both freshers as well as experienced candidates to become the employee of reputed companies. Converting them from jobless to the employee so that they can gain some experience tomorrow by hard work and dedication and later increasing their value in future. We have studied, remembered and following and will follow the Moral of that story “Ant and the Pigeon”- ‘We must help others, others will help us ’, not today but tomorrow they will.

To achieve something better we must qualify for that, We Blue Stone –BRM has done something good job since from its establishment by doing hard work, having dedication and later became eligible to provide freshers as well as experience candidates which will be the industry’s expectation today and later will become their foundation tomorrow.

We are at the age of 9 but having worked together continuously for 9 hours to become a trusty of our Clients and Candidates

In 2006, We came separately at one location, unknown to each other, having difference in age, qualification and also the difference in designation, but our aim, dedication, hard work and moral values was not different. We worked with integrity like a five finger though came separately.

To us, Our clients are like an oyster and the candidates are like a rain drops today, which falls in those oysters and become pearl tomorrow. The clients who trust in us are Wipro, Emerge, Tiny Owl, NCO, Tech Mahindra, Serco, Convergys, First Source, Shaadi.Com, All Sec Technologies, Minacs, NCO and SITEL.

We serve all kinds of jobs such IT, ITES, BPO, KPO, Financial services, Banking, Manufacturing services, Telecom, etc. to candidates .Our clients trust in us that we are the one who provides their foundation of tomorrow. The candidates who are jobless hoping that we will bring a new day tomorrow, today we are sitting at home tomorrow will be in some office, today we are listening to our family tomorrow we will listen to our boss.

Having two placement Agencies in Metro cities like Mumbai and Bangalore .We recruit candidates, train them, and serve to our clients .Our clients trust us by providing them a faithful and hardworking candidates .We provide various jobs in two metro cities like Mumbai and Bangalore . We provide jobs and place candidates as per the candidates choice of location which he / she prefers.

We also help candidates to meet their proper job location for their suitability, comfortably and their growth. We provide jobs as per candidates preferred location who wants to do a job in Mumbai or Bangalore

Our clients believe in our services that we provide to them within the specified time and without compromising the quality. Our placement agents put their complete efforts to maintain the relation between clients –We –candidates. We are highly concerned about the growth of both the clients as well as the candidates. We have most experienced staff and putting their full efforts to train the candidates so that they can be employee of some company in future.