Healthy Environment “Let’s begin from our workplace”

Save Environment with Bluestone

Save Environment with Bluestone

Taking a step to create an environment friendly zone even in our workplace is a best way to contribute to environmental impact.
As we all know that most of us spend our 8 hrs in office, not including over time and some of us even work on weekends so our office has slowly become our second home!
Environment protection begins with us!

So here is go green tips for office place:

  • Walk to your work place if it’s close to your home or can use cycle or car pool transport.
  • Recycle most of the paper’s and news papers if it’s of no use, printing on the both the side of paper’s.
  • Make a paperless office.
  • Saving water should be must.
  • Switching off the ac’s, computer and light when of no use, recycling the electronic system too may help.
  • Avoid wastage of food.
  • “GREEN” your office by planting live plants at your workplace which will help the air to be fresh.
  • Avoid using or carrying any plastic items, use glass item instead.
  • Get the whole team on board with energy saving plan.

Let’s make your our environment eco friendly and to live with ease not only for us but for our future generation.

So we already have started with our energy saving plan have you.

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